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More stuff that's been going on with me

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 15, 2014, 6:56 AM

Hey everyone. I would like to let you all know about some stuff that's been going on with me.

First of all, a short while ago, I got a new job. I apologize for not informing you all about it sooner.

The lifeguard job I had before ended due to summer being over and the pool closing. However, not too long after that, I got a job as a Mail Room Clerk at a large company. The pay is just as good as my Lifeguard job, the job isn't very grueling or unenjoyable, and they also offer healthcare and 401K benefits.

However, although it's an okay job, it's not a job yet in the career I want the most, Engineering. Which leads to another thing I'd like to mention.

Despite the fact that I have my Bachelor's Degree in Engineering, I've yet to get a job in Engineering. I've been applying and sending out my resume and cover letter to firms all over the place like crazy, but none of them have accepted me.

To gain more experience and hopefully secure a job in Engineering, I am considering furthering my education and pursuing a Master's Degree. I am checking out some local Universities and hopefully I can enter their Master's Program. If I do well there, I can hopefully gain more experience and these firms might finally accept me and I'll get the job I've always wanted.

Until then, I am continuing work at this new job to pay my student loans and other such expenses, and looking into other engineering firms too. So as you can see, I've been extremely busy lately with all of this stuff.


Last but not least, I wanted to tell you guys that yesterday, I went out with my friends to a large mall outside of town. The mall trip with them was really fun, and we got to spend time at places like a neat Arcade and a couple nice stores there. I also bought some neat stuff too, including a Kingdom Hearts T-shirt, a Sailor Moon plush, and a couple new Manga books too.

I also saw this other really neat merchandise at the mall that I took photos of, and I wanted to show you guys. I would've bought it myself, but it was all stuff only for girls and not boys. It was really cool though, and I figured you all should see it too.

An adorable pair of Kyubey face socks that I found (too bad they're Girls stockings).

It's worth mentioning that this is the first time I've seen Maho Shoujo merchandise (other than the DVDs) actually being sold in a store like that. Before then, all the Maho Shoujo merchandise I've seen and bought was only on and other such websites, but never directly out at a local mall like this.

A really cute Kyubey makeup kit that I found. There was also a new Sailor Moon one as well.

A cool replica of a Sailor Moon sailor scout locket. The new Sailor Moon reboot is doing quite well from what I've seen, and even now they have completely new merchandise for it too.

A really awesome and cutesy Maho Shoujo T-shirt I found. Too bad it is a Girls T-shirt and not a Boys T-shirt, or else I totally would've bought it.

A big Homestuck shirt showing all the Homestuck Kids and the Trolls too.

I knew that Homestuck was popular, but I never thought that it was THIS popular. All the characters on the shirt are even drawn full-bodied and detailed, and not in the simplistic chibi-like style they are normally drawn in the comic, which does mean something. I guess that Web-Comic that I lost interest in a while ago is doing better than I thought.


That's all for now. I hope you guys are doing well too. See you all later.

  • Listening to: Five Hundred Pound Furnace
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  • Watching: Kyoukai Senjou No Horizon
  • Playing: The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth
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You're quite welcome!
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Just want to ask, have you ever READ my episodes for ULJA, not just watch the artwork?
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Yes I do read the episodes for UJLA.
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I forget, which one is your favorite?
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Slippy toad says hi.
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Hey Hexi, here's something interesting we should try doing.
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My idea is this:
Create a team of 26 characters you know, each given a letter and title corresponding to it. The title can be a verb (The Explode, The Roar, The Question, The Wind), a noun (The Yourself, The Heat, The Compulsory, the X-axis), or an adjective (The Deathdealing) that all relates to the character or his/her abilities. You don't have to go all English; though not really found in there, you can also have the words in different languages if you'd like.
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