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So I went to see the movie, Minions

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 1, 2015, 9:59 AM
Well guys, yesterday a friend of mine from work took me to see the new Illumination Entertainment Movie, "Minions."

It's that new movie focused mainly on the popular little yellow pill-shaped cohorts of Dr Gru from the movie, "Despicable Me" and it's sequel.

From what I've seen, the Minions have been really popular ever since the first Despicable Me. They are funny and unpredictable in a way similar to characters like the Rabbids from Rayman (whom they remind me of a lot), have an iconic look to them, and more. I've seen lots of minions shirts, costumes, and more. Even Memes on Facebook and DA that show Minions, many times in things that don't make much sense for them to be there. Even regrettably, I've been exposed to some Minions Slash Fiction (yeah, I myself wish I hadn't seen that).

In fact, one time in my Second year of College, the doors to the dorms had nametags on the front of them, and the nametags were all construction paper Artworks of the Minions, each in different outfits and holding a sign saying the names of whoever lived in that dorm.

And more recently. At work, someone decorated the workspace with artworks of Minions everywhere (and apparently it was acceptable, since no one has taken them down, and that was at least a week ago). I think this may have motivated my friend to want to see "Minions." I only came along to have something to do with him, and because I wanted to see what all the hubbub was about this new movie focused on only The Minions, and not on Dr Gru or any of the other main characters from Despicable Me.

Well, I myself didn't have big expectations for this movie at first. I wasn't expecting something horrible, but nothing blockbuster-worthy either. When I saw it though, I'd definitely NOT Recommend seeing this movie. It was quite annoying, to say the least.

Don't get me wrong, I did like The Minions before in the old Despicable Me, and Despicable Me 2, but here's the thing. The Minions were meant to be minor characters for Comic Relief! They Weren't Meant To Be Main Characters!
So this is basically like Despicable Me, without Dr Gru, his adopted young girls, or any of the characters who were MEANT TO BE the main characters. Heck, the original Despicable Me barely even needed the Minions for stuff other than certain humorous scenes and a few parts where they assist Gru in his plots.

Gru actually does appear in it though, but he has very little screentime, and he isn't put into focus as much as the minions.

I'm going to quote something from ThemysteriousMrEnter's Animated Atrocities videos on Youtube to explain why I hate this movie. This applies to writing in general, and why the movie was so terrible. You should watch his reviews if you haven't, they are very informative most of the time, and he brings up valid points. I like to use quotes from him to explain things like this too.

From TheMysteriousMrEnter's Review on Planet Sheen: Is This Cute
"This is something that puts the Comic Relief in the Main Spotlight. THAT NEVER EVER WORKS!!! Can you think of one time, when putting the Comic Relief in the Spotlight for a whole series ever turned out good? Most shows even have problems doing that for just one episode! This is a problem for quite a few reasons.
First of all, just check the name. Comic RELIEF, as in RELIEF. They are supposed to provide relief for the main story and other characters.
Another problem with Comic Relief spinoffs is that it reduces the characters into essentially one trait automatically. The world is good at reacting to them, but them reacting to the world plays into the exact same thing over and over again. This happens and Tow Mater is an idiot to it. This happens and Sheen is an idiot to it.

Same thing here. This happens and The Minions are Idiots to it, and it got grating for me really fast.

Well let's now talk about the movie itself. Well actually before the movie begin, we had a trailer for a movie called "The Secret Life Of Pets" which doesn't look too appealing, and in the trailer, they showed a thing for Illumination Entertainment (the same studio behind Minions and Despicable Me), and the Illumination Entertainment Emblem showed a 3sec scene of some Minions being crazy.

Ugh, so they're reducing the Minions to Branding Logos now too? This is not good, they are really trying to milk them for all it's worth! I really had to mention this.

Look, listening to fans can be a good thing, but not always, and you gotta use some common sense. Don't throw out what made your older installments good, just to give characters who were well liked more appearances in your series, disregarding what it can do to the series overall as a whole. I've seen many series who have had that problem, and it isn't a good idea.

The movie begins with the origin of the Minions. I originally thought they would've been some artificially produced creatures created by Dr Gru or his assistant to help him out in the lab and accompany him, but no, their origin is Much Different.

Instead, the Minions were originally a race of small yellow creatures that existed since the stone age. Their main purpose in life has always been to be the humble assistants of the Most Evil, Most Despicable being there is, and will help that evil one in any way they can. However, their incompetence and clumsiness has often times resulted in either them messing up their new master's work and getting chased out, or other times resulting in their new master's untimely death. So they've constantly been looking for a good new master who is evil enough, and would be best to assist.

Like in one scene, they are helping out a massive Tyrannosaurus Rex long ago, when suddenly their tomfoolery causes a chain of events leading to their new T-Rex master falling into a pit of molten magma and meeting a fiery demise. Then later on, in a later era (either the Minions have survived as a race for so long and reproduce very well, or they don't age and can live for thousands of years, I dunno), they become the lackeys of a Vampire. They then hold a birthday for him, but they accidentally expose him to the sunlight, and that Vampire's birthday ends up being his last.

Soon, they are forced to create a small city in the cave inside of a snow-capped mountain and settle there. They thrive for a while, but soon as a whole become depressed, since they have no truly evil person to serve, which is their only purpose in life. So a Minion named Kevin (a tall two-eyed one, who is hard to distinguish from most of the others) decides to go on a journey to find a new evil master to serve, along with a one-eyed one named Stuart and a short two-eyed one named Bob. It was hard for me to remember their names though, and I had to look them up after the movie.

After a long search, they soon end up hitching with a family of bank robbers, who help them find a way to this big Villains Convention in Orlando Florida, where they meet one of the most diabolical female criminals of all, the great Mrs Scarlet Overkill. I don't want to ruin things, but stuff ends up going on from there, and the rest of the movie mostly consists of the Minions just being annoying and trying to do good for their master, but end up messing up, or unwittingly doing good at times instead of evil.

Most of the movie was quite hard for me to sit through, and there were parts that don't even make sense with the series's logic either, let alone real-world logic. They also had some jokes that I really don't think should be in a movie that's okay for kids, like one where three Minions stand on each other and disguise as a woman to get into a facility, and the second Minions's goggles bulging through the sweater disguise end up looking like Breasts. Please, I have had enough unwanted sexualized Minions on the Internet, don't try and make it canon now!

It did have some okay moments, but nothing that really made me like it. Oh, and another thing, it actually is shown to be a sort of Prequel to Despicable Me 1, showing how it ties in. Well at least it has a point in the series and isn't just a bunch of random Minion mishaps.

I don't get why so many people I've met like this movie, regardless of if you liked the first two Despicable Me movies or not. My friend I saw it with said it was great, but I just couldn't see why. Ugh!

That's my two cents on the movie. You can see that I make some valid points, and that I gave it a fair chance, and I'm not just bashing the movie for no reason. Minions the movie, Sucks!

Inside Out was a much better movie than this.

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