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Any Good Spriters out there who could help me?

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 24, 2014, 7:58 AM
Hey, I was looking to make Sprite Sheets of my Sonic Characters, Bella The Cat, Polyphemus the Prototype Gizoid, and Ashige/Himerope, although I'm not really the best when it comes to spriting. I'm looking to have them designed in a style similar to Sonic Advance/Sonic Battle, as for those ones had my favorite Sprite Work of all the pixelated games.

So, are any of you good with making Sonic Advance/Sonic Battle style sprite sheets? If you aren't, do you know of anyone else who is good at it? I'm willing to pay if I have to, though I can only pay in points right now. I want it to be a full Sprite Sheet with all the action poses and everything.

Also, for that matter, anyone know someone good at making a Sprite Sheet of Maho Shoujo characters? I'd really love to see a full Sprite Sheet of Rika, Jo, and Haruka. I'd also love to see a Sprite Sheet of some of my friends's Maho Shoujos too.

I could really use some help with this. Please let me know as soon as you can.

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Nov 26, 2014
7:37 pm
Nov 26, 2014
4:59 pm
Nov 26, 2014
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Nov 26, 2014
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Nov 26, 2014
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First of all, you shouldn't ask people to watch you, or if they want to watch you. It's kind of rude.
People watch you because they like you on DA, or like your artworks, or things like that. Not because you asked me too.

Second of all, ironically for you, I don't want to watch you now for that. Sorry, but that's a No from me.
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Thanks for the watch! :la:
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You're quite welcome!
Just want to ask, have you ever READ my episodes for ULJA, not just watch the artwork?
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Yes I do read the episodes for UJLA.
Oh, okay. Was just wondering.

I forget, which one is your favorite?
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Slippy toad says hi.
Hexidextrous Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2014
Hello there. Nice to hear from you again.

Have you analyzed that enemy shield?
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